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SEO in 2020, Choose Domain name, Which hosting should i use? Which platform?

The best Platform For SEO

If you are new on the Website industry and if you want to know all about this system of website, hosting, domain. If you want to know that what are these things and how to use it then just read this post and you will all summary of your own journey to be a blogger. So let's start.

Question 1: Which Platform is best For SEO?

This is the first that every newbie have on their mind. All the new blogger have dreams that their blog should rank on the first page of Google.

So in case of SEO, WordPress is one of the best option for newbies to create a blog on. You can stay last long and even forever with WordPress and on the contrary if you are going to make your blog on Google's Blogger Then you will face tremendous hard working to rank your page. WordPress has many features, plugins that will help you to be a successful blogger but you have to purchase the hosting. So a little cost is needed on your part but still it's better than blogger in all way. Although you can start freely with blogger without any cost but still it's a bad choice you are seeing blogging as you career. So next thing comes in mind that from where you should buy the hosting?

Question 2: Which hosting should i buy?

So next thing comes in the Mind that which hosting should i buy? So i want you to clear that shared Hosting is the clear option for any new blogger. Shared hosting is the clear option for new blogger not Because it's cheap but as a new blogger you site will not have much page views so shared hosting can handle your site easily and as you site grows you can move to cloud hosting and vpn Hosting.

Question 3: From where to buy Hosting?

There are many websites like Reseller Club, Host Gator, Dream Host, GoDaddy, Google Cloud Hosting etc. Which are selling Hosting plans at their best cheapest rates. Here I will not recommend you any company from where you will buy your hosting but on the contrary I want to inform that before you buy hosting from any of these companies. Firstly read the reviews on that company. Read that what people's saying about them and what are their experience with their hosting so you can choose by yourself that which hosting company will be best for you.

Question 4: Domain Name, From where to buy ?

Domain name plays an important role in SEO. So before guessing your Domain name. First check out that which word is the most searchable on the Google in case of your topic. Then whatever is the most searchable words in case of your topic, you make your domain on that most searchable word. Your domain name shouldn't be too long so users can remember you website's name and can visit whenever they want.
There are many companies like GoDaddy, BigRock, Google Domain etc. You can buy your domain from anywhere, where the cost is lowest from others.

Question 5: What is the best Niche to start a blog

So for this question, I will suggest you to make an account on ads.Google.com where you can find a keyword planner tool. You can easily know that which is the most trending Nowadays and what are the best keywords to write on. In my experience, SEO, Hosting, Domain i mean the topic related to Website is not a good idea Because there are too much competition in this field. In my opinion, Spirituality is the best topic in which you can write on Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, And about Meditation and Meditation Techniques and about Enlightenment and it's ways. There are so much content in the field of spirituality and there is too low competition and high search volume you can get viral in less time.

Question 6: What is the best SEO Settings?

If you have started with the Google blogger Then it is important that have enabled meta tags on your blog. You can find the option of meta tags in the settings of your blog. Basically blogger have only two SEO tools, One is Meta Tags and Second is Permalink. Although the permalink in enabled by default you can also on meta tags in settings. Ensure that you filled Robots.TXT and you have an account on Google Webmaster tool also called as Google Search Console. It's the most important step that you will take either your blog is on Blogger or on WordPress it makes no Difference. Your site must be submitted at Google Search Console. It's a necessary process if you want to be a successful blogger.

Question 7: After how many posts, I will start earnings?

Firstly I want you to clear that your earnings and your success depends on the quality of your post. You must concern about your quality not about quantity. Either you have thousands of post but if in those posts the words are too low then they will not rank at all and you will not earn even a single dollar by them. You must write above 500 words with informative content so user will stay on your blog and come again and again.

Question 8: How to get Adsense Approved?

Although you may have heard about it that Getting your adsense approved is a hard deal to done. But i say that it's the most easy thing to do. You just have to wrote only 10 Quality posts with above 500 words and you can get your adsense Approved within a week. Ensure that your content is not copy paste and also not copyrighted. Write all your words by using your own mind as if you are speaking.

Question 9: What to do if Adsense Disapproved?

Although it is easy to get adsense approval but In case your adsense is Disapproved then there are many best alternative such as Propeller ads, Media.net, Adsterra, Propush.me, Advertica.com and many many more. You can try them and find out by yourself that which is the best for your site and start your earnings without adsense.

So these all are the beginners Questions, I hope that by reading this post your all doubts and questions are cleared and you can start your journey with confidence.